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Originally composed in commemoration of Jimi Hendrix' performance as the last act at Woodstock '69, and released on the 30th anniversary of same, this piece has become one of the more popular on this and other sites.  In light of the recent events challenging America and its resolve (at least!), I put this up here, and present it to you thusly: While this rendition of the National Anthem inspired in part by John Cage may be a bit different-sounding than the song you would otherwise be familiar with, does this not reflect the way America is?  While it is certainly not the same as the original Francis Scott Key arrangement, the notes are the same.  America endures nonetheless.

I've converted the above to the major formats, so that you may enjoy them without having to subject yourself to the hidden cookies, pop-up adverts, and God-knows-what-else that Real/AOL has up their sleeve for us.  Even Sony plays Windows Media format now, which has a much higher quality than Real formats anyway.

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Other Current Projects:

x Songs for Commuting

This is a collection of pieces inspired by places around London and other places like LA that concern themselves with public and other transit.   Titles include Buses On Diversion, Mind the Gap, Roundabout, Tea Break, and Way Out and might give the impression that these are primarily British-inspired.  Assumption is of course dangerous.  Progress is beginning to bear fruit on this collection, and the first versions of "Tabla Tale" may find their way here soon.  Like, "before 2007."  Okay, perhaps later.  Bloody workmen! (note in 2008: "Well, we're done and I'm going to do more on this web site at last.")


Songs from a Tunnel

This is a set of pieces originating from years of playing ambient acoustic bowed guitar in the San Gabriel Canyon's unfinished Tunnels, which you may have read about on this site for several years!  Originally in this collection are "For Absent Friends", Dragon on Glass Lake, Fever Dream, and other classics.  While I'm doing everything but getting the CD done, like moving in with my Mum-in-Law, In the meantime the industrious may find the individual songs at the MP3Station, IUMA, and many other sites!  All of my music is on sites that actually have an intention to pay the artists who produce the work they broadcast now.  If you want to know more about my opinions on the music biz, go here.


Rescheduled release, now reshuffled.  Back-shelved in the interest of other works, but as a result there are several volumes of this material, to be subtitled '2', '3' and so on..

3 Club Meditation

This is a collection of 15 pieces designed to be used in meditative activity.  In this I have tried especially to create pieces with no rough edges, and hopefully creating sonic pockets of peace in which you may find same.  The only criticism I've ever had about this collection is that the pieces aren't long enough for one listener, who has prompted me to do another version of Club Meditation that will eventually find its way onto a DVD Audio release due to the sheer size of 15 or so 20-minute compositions.

OuterEye, a streaming video company, chose Club Meditation XIV to be the backing music for footage at trade shows and on their web site.  We've not heard from those folks in a while, and the web site is down.  Next?)

The Loop Of The Week #255: 5 January 2009

And now we return to the things we love the best.  Lots of things have obviously happened in a little over 30 months: The house was finished, my parents finally saw the inside of the place and had an English Christmas, and we put the house on the market.  Great timing huh?


The brief-for-now version:  My formerly-crushed left middle finger has gotten better and I've been able to play for a little over a year now; I've performed several times in online concerts, the latest at's NYE 2009.  I'm also working on new material again, some of it destined for an Ambient DVD for hopefully this year.  And of course, the Loop Of The Week is back.  Hello again!


And of course for the fine print:


Know that downloading any of the forms of the Loop Of The Week is a clear indication of acceptance that you never represent this work as anyone else's under US Copyright Law and the copyright laws of the rest of the world; and that you never use this work in public performance or composition without my permission.  In addition the files made available below have been pre-scanned for your protection to assure their safety in use, and therefore free from spyware, adware, malware, trojans, and any other current violations of decency.

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The RIAA and Big Five's efforts to keep independent musicians from being able to produce their own work continues, despite multiple failures on their part to manipulate copyright law and royalties rulings.  Diligence will win this fight, and also assure that a bunch of elderly cigar-chomping dinosaurs will someday stop trying to shove creatively-bankrupt acts at the public.  Think of the advantages of creative freedom.  If you're frightened about them, you're either misinformed or realize you're one of the dinosaurs I'm talking about.

Want to know more?  Check out the Copyright Office's page about what this all means to all of us at - from there you can make your voice heard!  Tell them you don't like democracy bought and paid for by anyone!

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