Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.
- Lao Tzu

Nature has much more time than we do.
- Stephen P. Goodman

Founded in 1986, EarthLight Productions exists as an umbrella for a variety of activities, pursuits and projects by Stephen Goodman and associates.  These are not necessarily of a business nature, and designed from the beginning to adhere to a set of criteria (under constant development, in the spirit of the Appropriate Structure).

Stephen Goodman

September, 2001

These are the EarthLight Criteria:

  • The result must in some way improve the quality of human life;
  • The result should encourage investigation of alternate but valid viewpoints;
  • The process or result should spawn another project.

The products emanating from EarthLight Productions are not restricted to one avenue of expression, and range from artistic and musical pursuits (like graphics, cartoons, and The Loop Of The Week), to studies on the effects of technology on us (and vice versa). As these become more existent they shall appear here.

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