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Stephen Goodman


"Again, this is another Boardwalk Pest.  It is found in generally the same

places as the Doggadillo, and, although the Dixiedillo (or 'Trash Cup', 

named because of its sham appearance) is younger than the Doggadillo

as far as zoological history goes, it is far more advanced in its mental

development.  In its reproduction process, it is not necessary to use 

outside influence, as the Rockadillo and Doggadillo need.  The 

Dixiedillo possesses a wax-like surface on its sham shell, which melts

under sunlight.  The waxen flakes that fall off of the shell at sunset

mature to full adult Dixiedilloes by sunrise; this gives the effect of an

extremely dirty beach or boardwalk.  A 'tribal' custom of theirs is known

as the Ordeal by Sunlight, which consists of the mass traveling out onto

the beach of hundreds of Dixiedilloes born 30 days earlier.  When the Sun

rises, the beach-intensified rays melt the cups, and the 'Dixies' die.  There 

are no survivors.  The Dixiedillo is suspected of believing that this is a form

of rebirth and renewal.  It is not know whether or not this is true.  Many

religious zealots inform me that only humans are 'born again'.  But that 

gets into an area that I would rather steer clear of, frankly."

from "The Non-Sorta Adventure Files Volume 2" (1976) translated from the original Esperanto.




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