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Allen's Halloween Page

Halloween Eternal

Rocky Point Haunted House

Halloween ("Is Your Computer Haunted?")

Not Just for Kids! - Halloween

E-Cards: Halloween Cards

Knott's Scary Farm - Halloween Haunt


FearWorld - The Netherworld Haunted House
Fright Site - the Cincinnati Haunted House

Absolutely Halloween

Halloween Central (lots of free stuff)

Halloween on the Web




H.P. Lovecraft

City of the Silent

Phantasm Home Page

Cthulhu Lives - the HP Lovecraft Historical Society

H. P. Lovecraft Page

The home page for Evil (Cthulhu.org)

H.P. Lovecraft Archive

NetherReal 2000 - Pierce the Veil of Insanity...

Reader's Guide to the Cthulhu Mythos


Oddities and Possible Science


Electronic Voice Phenomenon

Mike the Headless Chicken

A Haunted (and Haunting!) Painting (Warning! Do not show to children!)

International Society For Paranormal Research


Put your hand in another bowl!

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